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Welcome to our online store, Eat Local PEI, brought to you by Maple Bloom Farm!

Our farm's mission is to grow organic vegetables in harmony with our environment, build a community around real food, and make a positive and lasting impact on PEI's local food system.

Our online store is made possibly by cooperating directly with our local farmers, farmers' market, small farm organizations, and our amazing farm box members.

We look forward to serving you! Thank you for supporting your local farmers and food producers.

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Jordan & Catherine MacPhee
Maple Bloom Farm and Eat Local PEI


Est. 2015 | Hundreds of Happy Customers Served

Our Commitment to Spray-Free Organic Practices

Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique offering of fresh, local, and sustainably grown produce with a service that is convenient and easy to use.

We have been serving our dedicated Farm Box Members since 2015 when we started with a veggie box program from our own farm. Today, we continue to offer food from our own farm as well as local farmers and food producers across PEI.

We are completely farmer-owned and farmer-operated, and always will be. We use organic and regenerative practices on our farm, meaning no synthetic pesticides are being sprayed on your food.

Many of the local farms we buy from are certified organic, and those who do not go through the certification process also offer spray-free products. All the food in our online store is labelled transparently as "Organic" or "Spray Free" so you can make an informed choice about the food you receive from us.

As a Farm Box Member, you'll enjoy delicious, environmentally friendly food, grown using sustainable farming practices: handpicked fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fresh, nutrient-dense food grown close to home to provide your body with what it needs.

Be part of the local food movement and help improve the way we grow and eat! Our weekly farm box program is a healthier and more sustainable and environmentally responsible way to eat than buying processed food from big box grocery stores. All while enjoying the freshest, most delicious food PEI has to offer!

We look forward to serving you as a Farm Box member!